Double Your Bitcoins

The art of trading

You may have already heard some alternatives to multiply your bitcoin earnings, with mining being the best known of them and most widespread.

However, mining is becoming increasingly expensive, concentrated in large Chinese groups and with the increase in the number of coins created has also become less and less profitable.

For this reason, we find a better way for it in Bitcoins Trading operations.

Bitcoin trading is when you buy and sell bitcoin to make a profit from the difference in price on bitcoin exchanges. You exploit the difference in price on different exchanges, and keep the change as free money.

Take a look how it works

If Exchange A has a bitcoin price of USD 700 and Exchange B has a bitcoin price of USD 800, you can take advantage and exploit the price difference, by taking the USD 100 difference for yourself, easy and free money / bitcoin. You simultaneously buy bitcoin on the cheaper exchange and sell bitcoin on the more expensive exchange.

If you buy 1 bitcoin for USD 700 on Exchange A and sell 1 bitcoin for USD 800 on Exchange B, you still end up having 1 bitcoin, except you also have an additional USD 100 that you didn’t have before. Free money, right?!

If you have time, you can do this all day, keeping your starting amount and multiplying your earnings. Important point: the more capital you have, the more profit you make!

GladiaCoin: trading specialists

GladiaCoin is composed of a group of highly specialized professionals from all over the world who operate a large volume of bitcoins trading daily.

Now this group of people has decided to expand its activities and, for this, it needs a bigger volume of bitcoins to maximize its gains. Therefore, it is only fair that these profits be divided among the people who contribute to this expansion.

In this way, part of this profit is divided among all people thus ensuring the contracted plan value doubles in 90 days!


Double the value even faster

If you just sign up for a plan and wait 90 days, your bitcoins will automatically be doubled into our system without you having to do anything.

But you can achieve this even faster by using the incredible power of the binary network by telling new people how to benefit from our proposal too.

With the high doubling power of the binary network, you can double your bitcoins in 80, 70, 50, 30 days or even in less time!

Show our platform to your friends and earn up to 8 BTC per day, limited to 240 BTC per month.

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